7 March, 2017: Paramedichutes.com Goes Live

The last website I put together was back in the Cretaceous Period of the Internet. There was no YouTube.  Alta Vista was still a thing.  There was no Pay Pal –Elon Musk was still associated with Zip2, and nobody REALLY needed a processor faster than 75MHz.   Geocities was king and to sell anything online, I distinctly remember writing the phrase: “…or well-concealed cash.”

Times have changed.

I may be rusty… on skills I barely had to begin with.  I’m asking you to bear with me while I develop this little corner of the internet.

Paramedichutes.com is the online home of my little parachute company.  I make streamers and parachutes for rockets.  I’m a paramedic, thus… paramedic chutes.  Paramedichutes.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got to figure out this SSL problem.