9 March, 2017

Okay, so it’s a smidge after midnight, so it’s technically the 10th, but… it’s still Thursday to me.

Paramedichutes is proud to announce our first coupons to our customers.

For our customers wishing to try a QRS Tracking Streamer, we offer the following incentive in the form of coupon code: enhancedvisibility.  Type this in at checkout  for 15% off all QRS Tracking Streamers.

We know how stressful attempting a cert flight can be.  The months of psyching yourself up, researching, building, re-researching, fretting… we want you to succeed and want you to do so with a Paramedichute BLS Main Canopy.  Therefore, use code l1certflight for 10% off your BLS Main Canopy suitable for level 1 high-power rocketry.

Going for your Level 2?  We’ve been there and while the stress is not any less than the L1 (perhaps even more, with the written test), the stakes are a bit higher because of the associated expense with larger, heavier rockets.  Therefore, L2 attempts get 15% off when using code l2certflight for BLS Main Canopies suited for level 2 high-power rocketry.

Good luck –send us pics!