12 March, 2017.

Things Ahead.

This has been an exciting week at Paramedichutes!   After a bit of sweating and swearing, the website finally appears to be fully functional.  Orders have been taken, processed, and ready to ship, and there’s been a lot going on behind-the-scenes.

What to expect:

The website is going through a metamorphosis.  This is pretty much the larval stage.  We’ve got many enhancements in the works that we’re excited about.

Questions we’ve been asked:

Q: Are we going to do main chutes larger than 60″ diameter?

A: Yes.  The larger chutes are right over the horizon.  That will be our ALS line for the upper weight range of L2 and into L3 rockets.  They’ll be at least 72″ in diameter and go up from there.

Q: I’ve got a rocket weighing x-lb.  What size drogue chute do you recommend?

A: Showing our admitted bias, we humbly recommend our QRS Tracking Streamers for apogee events.  They enhance your visibility and keep your main compartment above your fin can and for this, they have noted advantages over a drogue chute.  The recommended weight range for each can be found in the specs on each size.

That said, drogue chutes are effective in main compartment positioning as well, particularly in heavy, skinny rockets where there may not be space for a QRS Tracking Streamer.   We recognize this, too.  If you desire a drogue chute, contact us with your needs and we’ll work with you to find a chute solution, as well.

Q: What about that funky chute you were flying at MDRA?

A:  That is top secret.  I’d tell you about it, but I’m out of tin foil from which I would have to fashion the hat, first.