23 March, 2017

Over the last few days, new product pages have been added for the ALS-72, ALS-84, and ALS-96 Advanced High-Power Main Canopies.  These large chutes are for weight ranges typically lofted by K, L, or M motors.  We have plans for even larger main canopies in this line (10′ and more!) and will be adding these to the site, soon (There’s only so much of this I can do before my eyes go wonky).

Also, we have gone through and added pilot recommendations for these large chutes.  Pilots should be 5% of the main canopy diameter or less, so one might consider the smaller(BLS-12-18) BLS chutes for pilot duties.  We’ve also gone through the typical weight range for each chute and made QRS tracking streamer recommendations for dual-deploy scenarios.

Lastly, we’ve cleaned up and clarified the categories, allowing the web customer to quickly browse by Model, Mid-Power, or High-Power recovery, and by certification levels (again, this is based on typical recovery weight… nothing saying a BLS-60 can’t recover a lightweight rocket flying on an M… we just think it’ll see more use on I, J and K  95% of the time based upon its recovery weight capacity).

A lot of the product photos are stand-ins (a few good shots of the same couple chutes and streamers used over and over).  We will be changing these as we get more.  We know a couple of people really handy with a camera and will be coercing recruiting them for photo shoots real soon.  The weather here has been garbage, but Spring is allegedly here, so we should see some nice days coming up, according to the Super Doppler Window.