24 April, 2017

The QRS streamer line seems to be getting some attention of late.  We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to make these large streamers for our customers.   We’ve made a few over the past couple of weeks and wanted to share a few photos of the works as they were in progress.

Just finishing the hems here on a QRS-09 for a customer.


This Nothing Rhymes With Orange QRS-09 was sent to a customer wanting something to help them visually track their rocket down from apogee.  This is where the QRS line excels, as the length and width of the descending streamer is (usually) much larger than the rocket to which they’re attached.  With a total of 972 square inches of high-visibility orange to look for, this ought to help quite a bit.

Another project we finished was a QRS-12 for a different customer.  This tracking streamer was ordered in Tweensquee pink.  My daughter is now demanding

Front and back side of a QRS-12 showing The Mule’s stitches.

various projects made in this material, including dresses for some kind of goth barbie werewolves.  I know I should have made this one at the EMS station.  Heheh.  The QRS-12 in Tweensquee Pink turned out nicely and that’s in no small part to The Mule, our 1936 Singer model 201-2.  This machine throws a wonderful stitch by any standard… made all the more impressive when it’s over eighty years old.


LDRS was fantastic –we always enjoy traveling down to Higgs’ Farm, and this time was even better.  The kids got to run amok oogling over the huge rockets –Mr. Tom’s square Higgs Farm rocket was a big hit, as was Mr. Geoff’s O-Powered Dewalt rocket, as well as Mr. Robert and Miss Gloria’s full-scale Patriot.  MDRA always puts on such a good event, and we’re proud to fly with these fine folks.   Can’t wait for the next launch!