7 May, 2017

7 May, 2017.

The past couple of weeks have been madness over here, and we’re loving the chaos: it means things are being done.  Recent acquisition of a dining room table at which we five can sit has necessitated moving the sewing machines to the sunroom.  Colder out there, but the view is better.  I can see a full half of the yard as I work on whatever it is we’re making at the moment.

There’s an ALS-84 coming together nicely on The Mule right now.  MDRA returns to the sod farm a couple weeks from now which means back to testing something we have been working on for a couple of years.  We have this Binder Design Excel we bought last year and have been meaning to build to serve as a test bed, but….. things happened, and we’ve not quite got around to building it yet.

One of the things that’s happened is The Queen is in one of her moods.  She’s out of service right now, as she keeps shredding threads.  Her 104-year-old throat plate is suspected to be worn, as I can’t find burrs anywhere.  I’m going to replace her throat plate and hook, and see how she does from there.   Fortunately, parts for her are not difficult to find.