13 May, 2017

13 May, 2017


Got some good photos of the newest ALS-84 we made for a particular customer this past week, and the crews on at Medic 7 were kind enough to allow themselves to be coerced

ALS-84 in Elfdruid Green and Pearly White with White Satin threatens to lift CPT Gidget.

recruited into helping out.  Besides, I suspect they just enjoy seeing what kind of madness we’ve come up with THIS time.

The ALS-84 here is for a customer who’ll be packing this 7′ chute into a 4″ airframe.  This should not be a problem–but even if they don’t have an overabundance of internal volume, the ALS series comes stock with an apex loop to which pilots can be attached, visible in many of these photos,

ALS-84 in Elfdruid Green and Pearly White, with White Satin.

so getting this thing out of the rocket and inflated should be no problem at all.

We are proud to be able to deliver this chute ahead of schedule for the customer, and enjoyed working with them in color selection, sizing, and configuration.  While they opted for the standard alternating pattern you can see  here, other options were considered,

CPT Gidget is waiting for a wind gust so the ALS-84 can drag her off.

including doubling the gores so that it was two Pearly Whites, two Elfdruid Greens ( which would make the 16-gore look more similar to one of our BLS 8-gore models),  and a starburst pattern  (sadly, no published photos of this pattern as of this moment; we only have it in prototype projects we’ve been working on).

This chute was made entirely on The Mule, our 1936 Singer model 201-2.  Even with the heavy-duty thread used on the bridle and lines, the old machine performed without so much as a hiccup.

We’re proud of this one and look forward to being able to help you with your recovery needs.  Visit our store and grant us the opportunity to custom craft something for you today.


ALS-84 in Elfdruid Green and Pearly White, with White Satin.