23 May, 2017

23 May, 2017.


With thanks to Bob Ford and Whutta Design, Paramedichutes.com has an official logo.  One can expect to see this very soon on things like range box stickers and labels on our canopies and tracking streamers.  Bob was wonderful to work with and we’re thrilled with how it came out!  Please consider Whutta Design for all your advertising or graphic design needs and tell ’em Coop sent ya…

Also, recently, York College of PA’s NASA Student Launch team has chosen Paramedichutes for recovery of their entry into this collegiate-level contest.  Paramedichutes is proud to support this student-driven endeavor, and wish these young engineers the greatest success.  They’re the ones that ordered that ALS-84 in Elfdruid Green and Pearly White –their school’s colors– that we posted photos of last week.  Our understanding is it had a successful flight at our home field of MDRA to spitting distance of a mile –at the sod farm!–with main deployment at 600′.  Great job, Spartans!