3 June, 2017

3 June, 2017

Thanks to a certain vendor (we’ll let them identify themselves if they wish) willing to take a chance with a startup parachute manufacturer, we have been quite busy here.  Taking a break at the moment after the second bobbin change this morning to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to serve as not only OEM for kits, but also for TARC teams.  We’ve been making LOTS of BLS-12, BLS-15, and BLS-36’s for them, and have been cycling through material left and right so we’ve increased our par levels of material kept in-stock just to keep up (truly, an excellent “problem” for us to have!).

R&D still continues: among other things we’re working on,  even larger ALS chutes are in the works!  We’re quite excited to be able to soon offer large chutes to the L3 flying community!

Okay, this cup of coffee’s done, so, back to production…