19 June, 2017

19 June, 2017

Many thanks are owed to the fantastic, handsome, witty, and utterly mad scientist Layne Pemberton of Pemberton Technologies

Layne Pemberton captured this photo of his PML Bullpup. That’s a BLS-30 in Nothing Rhymes with Orange and Spaceship Silver.

for bringing to the Mid South Rocket Society a number of our BLS parachutes this past weekend, and graciously sharing some photos of his rockets under chute.  Not only does he have mad build and design skillz, he takes great photos, too!


Do you have photos of your rocket coming in under a Paramedichute BLS, ALS, or QRS?  We’d love to see them!   Send copies to

Though the rocket is difficult to make out, at first, that’s a genuine Pemberton Technologies Space Ark coming in under a BLS-36 in Rageapple Red and Squid Ink Black, with black satin trim.

us, and if we use post them on the website, you’ll receive a coupon code for 10% off a future purchase!

Thanks again, Layne!

If you do not have one of Layne’s kits, you’d do yourself well to visit Pemberton Technologies and fix that for yourself.  He’s got some great examples of rocket-powered art deco and vintage SF inspired designs.  We’ve got a number of them ourselves and fly them quite regularly.

In other Paramedichute news, we expect to see a number of black and red BLS 36’s in the wild soon, and are very much looking forward to that.  Can hardly wait!  Also, we’re quite proud to say that R&D efforts do, still, continue.   We’re experimenting with different materials as well as different designs, and look forward to the MDRA launch (which we thought was this past weekend–but it’s NEXT weekend–d’oh!) where we can do some comparison flights.  The project we have been hinting at for a while now is still ongoing –we just finished the Mark IX prototype.  That is–this is the ninth re-draw  of the gore and geometry, and we’re hopeful, but cautiously so–that THIS will be the one that will meet the third expanded performance goal.

Coming soon: updated info on how to pack your BLS Paramedichute if using the Jolly Logic Chute Release. The Jolly Logic Chute Release is is the latest must-have rocketry gadget–a small, simple, self-contained unit that lets one perform dual-deploy recovery out of motor-ejected rockets.  We have seen these in action and have been impressed.  We’re going to be acquiring one here, shortly, to see how best to use this exciting new product with our chutes.  There may even be video!