23 June, 2017

23 June, 2017


Well, Paramedichutes will be back on the flight line at MDRA on Sunday.  The MDRA launch is both Saturday and Sunday, of course, but we’re working the medic job until 5 this evening, then starting the part-time job at 7 this evening, working until 7 tomorrow evening, so we’re going to have to skip Saturday’s launch activities.

We’re going to be attempting dual-deployment via the Jolly Logic Chute Release on a BLS-15, in a Pemberton Technologies Kraken –that’s the 1.6″, flyable-on-black-powder D-12’s off the LPR pads Kraken.  It’s an interesting prospect –to fly a single D-12, yet, recover via dual-deployment.  Let’s see if the BLS-15 is up to the task.  Further, we’re going to be attempting to graph the flight with a Jolly Logic Altimeter Three so we should be able to graph out the altitude, apogee, main deployment, and landing speed.

Just thinking about the kind of data one can get from a LPR flight with current tech is amazing.  I recall as a kid trying to teach myself how to read the thrust curves on the Estes motor inserts.  Now, I can make a virtual model of the rocket, viurtually fly it to see what’s likely to work and what’s not, and have a very good idea of the performance of the thing before I ever get to the field.

Amazing times we live in.

Let’s shake this thing down and see how it does before throwing it on a BLS 42 on the King Kraken, or the BLS-48 on the Arboreal Phoenix….  Should be an interesting and exciting day!