About Paramedichutes

About Us:

Paramedichutes is owned and operated by an active Pennsylvania paramedic.  Our products are made on vintage sewing machines.  There’s an excellent chance the main canopy or tracking streamer you buy from us was made in a firehouse.

Paramedichutes is dedicated to custom crafting recovery solutions for model, mid-power, and high-power rocketry.  We consider it an honor to have your trust in recovering your project and to fly with you.


Our Machines:

The Queen: 1913 Model 66-1

The Queen: 1913 Singer Model 66-1

The Queen was rescued from the scrap heap for $5.00.  She wasn’t working, and we had to disassemble, clean up, reassemble, and replace a couple of worn-out parts before we could teach ourselves to sew on her.  She has no reverse, but throws a lovely stitch by any standards –particularly for a machine over a century old!


The Baby: 1937 Singer 99-13

The Baby: 1937 Singer 99-13

The Baby is, as its name implies, the youngest and smallest machine in our stable.  She’s 2/3 the size of The Queen, and “only” 80 years old or so.  Baby is small enough to be portable, so when we’re staffing Medic 4, we bring this one with us to sew parachutes between EMS calls.  That is… once the paperwork is done.


The Mule: 1936 Singer 201-2.

The Mule: 1936 Singer 201-2

The Mule is our 1936 Singer 201-2.  Aficionados of vintage machines refer to this model as “The Rolls Royce of Sewing Machines,” with good reason: The Mule is a pleasure to work on–it has power, speed, and readily feeds threads and needles beyond the capacity of today’s machines.  She is a truly superb example of mechanical engineering from a bygone age.


7.5″ Goblin, L2 Cert Flight on a K-675. October, 2012, MDRA Sod Farm, recovering on a prototype QRS-24 tracking streamer at apogee.

The Medic: Geoff “Coop” Cooper

Geoff “Coop” Cooper is a paramedic in Pennsylvania, responding to 911 calls in the Harrisburg and York areas.  He’s a level 3 flier, and flies with MDRA.

Please check out our News page for the latest site updates.  This is where we will announce sales, contests, coupon codes, and the like.  We also urge you to view our  Color Palette for the colors we use in making your QRS Tracking Streamers , BLS Main Canopies,  and ALS Main Canopies. Of course, if you wish to proceed directly to the store, we understand.