About ALS Main Canopies

Advanced Landing System


ALS-72 in Nothing Rhymes With Orange and Pearly White, with White Satin trim.

Paramedichutes is thrilled to announce our Advanced Landing System (ALS) line of main canopies for large Level 2 and Level 3 rockets.

Just like the rockets in which they fly, these are specialized pieces of equipment made a bit differently than their smaller counterparts due to the forces

An ALS-72 being constructed at Medic 4

involved with bringing the big boys back safely.  The ALS line starts at 72″ (6-foot) in diameter, and are for rockets weighing  10 pounds or more.  Each canopy in the ALS line is semi-elliptical parachute with at least 12 gores and a Cd of 1.4-1.6.

Our canopies are made of lightweight, low porosity, ripstop nylon and sewn on our vintage machines

Each canopy seam is flat-felled for strength without bulk.

with heavy-duty nylon thread.   Each seam is flat felled –one will note two rows of stitching on the inside.  This affords excellent strength with minimal bulk.

ALS chutes use shroud lines rated to at least 375#, and have at least 12 of these (on the 72).  To keep all those lines tangle-free, each ALS chute has a heavy-duty bridle and D-ring.  Yes, this too is made in-house on our ancient machines.

Pilot chutes and deployment bags are more often used in chutes of this size, so

ALS chutes come with a top loop standard (optional on HPR BLS)

the Paramedichute ALS mains have a top loop as standard equipment (optional on BLS high-power models).  This is sandwiched around the top of the canopy at one of the seams.

With the multiple gores, top loops, bridle sewing, D-rings, and high Cd, that would probably be “enough” for most.  We take each chute a step further, though, and finish off the canopy with our signature satin trim for a smooth, refined finish.

For a refined finish, each canopy has our signature satin trim.

With this addition to our product line, we offer an efficient, versatile line of main canopies for heavier payloads at a price point most fliers will find quite attractive.  From Level 2 to Level 3 high power rocketry flight, the Paramedichute Advanced Landing System will bring you back in style.

Of course,  you have your selection from our color palette.  Two colors is standard.  Should you desire more, please contact us with your needs and we will work with you.