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Basic Landing System

BLS Main Canopies

BLS-36 in Squid Ink Black and Rageapple Red

Paramedichutes is proud to offer our Basic Landing System of main canopies for Model, Mid-Power, and High-Power rocketry.  Our parachutes, we feel, are superb offerings the hobby rocketeer would do well to consider.

Our BLS line ranges from 12″ to 60″ in diameter, and do well recovering most rockets up to 15 lb or so in weight.  Each BLS canopy is 8 gores, and is finished with our signature satin trim.  Chutes rated for what we could consider high-power rocketry (30″ or larger) have optional apex loops for attaching pilots or deployment bags.

In construction of your BLS canopy, we use heavy-duty thread and a flat-fell

BLS-18 in Uberbanana Yellow and Rageapple Red, with Black Satin

seam; this means the gores (panels) are sewn together (basted), and then the edges are folded over each other and sewn again for excellent strength with minimal bulk.

The thread we use is on the heavier side for this weight of fabric.  It does stand out.  If one were to run their finger down the seam, they would feel it.  This is to ensure your canopy has all the strength it needs and then some.  We then finish the edges in either black or white satin for a unique, refined aesthetic.


J... E.... T... S.... JETS JETS JETS
BLS-18 in Pearly White and Elfdruid Green, with White Satin

Our standard design is two colors in an alternating pattern.  The customer can select their colors of choice before adding to the cart.  If more colors are desired, simply add two that you want, and contact us with your desires.  We charge a nominal setup fee of 10% of the chute price per color past the second for the additional cutting, but you will get the chute you want.

No discussion on parachutes would be complete without a mention, at least, of its Cd.  We use 1.4 to 1.6 for our BLS main canopies, depending upon the rocket, shock cord length, and various other factors.  If we were to put it in a simulation program such as Rocksim or Open Rocket, we’d use 1.5 at first and adjust as observed results come in.  Contact us if you need assistance in setting up your Paramedichute BLS Main in either of these rocketry simulation programs.

BLS Mains are suited for Model Rocketry, Mid-Power Rocketry, Level 1 and Level 2 High-Power rocketry.  Sizes suitable for Level 1 and Level 2 high-power flight have the option of adding on a apex loop for attaching pilots or deployment bags.

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