21 March, 2017

ALS Live.

Photos and webpages for our new ALS line of main canopies have been added to the site.  These sections will expand over the next several weeks.  We’re thrilled to be able to offer these large main canopies for the L2 and L3 flier!





19 March, 2017

Photos of the new ALS line will be up on the site in the next couple of days.  We’re very proud to be able to offer these large canopies to the rocketry community.

The ALS line has more gores than the BLS, and start at 72″ in diameter.  They also feature a nylon bridle and a D-ring for secure attachment, and have beefier shroud lines.  They can be made in any color in our palette . Their Cd is still in the 1-4-1.6 range, and will be good for your larger, heavier, more complex L2 and L3 projects at a price point we think will be most attractive to fliers.

Look for their own product page and section in the store within this week.



15 March, 2017

ALS is coming!

Paramedichutes is pleased to be able to share with you here that our next line of chutes for larger, heavier payloads is on the way and will be ready very soon.  What’s next?  Our Advanced Landing System (ALS) line.  These are for payloads heavier than anything in our BLS range –typical weights for large L2 and L3 projects –the big boys!

Fun facts: In Pennsylvania (where we are and hold our certification),  QRS, BLS, and ALS are levels of service in prehospital emergency medicine.  A QRS is a non-transporting unit (usually in an SUV) that’s locally dispatched, and can arrive on-scene quickly to start assessment and provide basic treatment on-scene until a transporting unit can arrive.  While they’re not really needed in the cities, there’s a lot of rural country in PA, and having an EMT arrive in 10 mins vs. a half hour or so can really make a difference.

BLS, here, is Basic Life Support.  This is an ambulance, which has a pair of EMTs (usually) on it, and can do everything the QRS can do, as well as treat while transporting to the emergency room.  These guys can do a lot, from pulling traction to childbirth to using an AED.

ALS, is Advanced Life Support.  These are the paramedics –who have a lot more tools and can do a lot more for a sick or injured patient than the EMTs can.  They can start IVs, intubate (put in breathing tubes),  perform cardiac pacing, and even some surgeries –such as a tracheostomy (cutting the neck to put a breathing tube in).

For us, though, we get enough of that on the full-time (and part-time) gig.  On this page, ALS is a parachute made with heavy thread, for heavy payloads.  They all have at least 12-gores (compared to the BLS 8),  and thus, more shroud lines to bring down those big projects.  We should have them added to the site soon, and look forward to sharing them with you!





12 March, 2017.

Things Ahead.

This has been an exciting week at Paramedichutes!   After a bit of sweating and swearing, the website finally appears to be fully functional.  Orders have been taken, processed, and ready to ship, and there’s been a lot going on behind-the-scenes.

What to expect:

The website is going through a metamorphosis.  This is pretty much the larval stage.  We’ve got many enhancements in the works that we’re excited about.

Questions we’ve been asked:

Q: Are we going to do main chutes larger than 60″ diameter?

A: Yes.  The larger chutes are right over the horizon.  That will be our ALS line for the upper weight range of L2 and into L3 rockets.  They’ll be at least 72″ in diameter and go up from there.

Q: I’ve got a rocket weighing x-lb.  What size drogue chute do you recommend?

A: Showing our admitted bias, we humbly recommend our QRS Tracking Streamers for apogee events.  They enhance your visibility and keep your main compartment above your fin can and for this, they have noted advantages over a drogue chute.  The recommended weight range for each can be found in the specs on each size.

That said, drogue chutes are effective in main compartment positioning as well, particularly in heavy, skinny rockets where there may not be space for a QRS Tracking Streamer.   We recognize this, too.  If you desire a drogue chute, contact us with your needs and we’ll work with you to find a chute solution, as well.

Q: What about that funky chute you were flying at MDRA?

A:  That is top secret.  I’d tell you about it, but I’m out of tin foil from which I would have to fashion the hat, first.




9 March, 2017

Okay, so it’s a smidge after midnight, so it’s technically the 10th, but… it’s still Thursday to me.

Paramedichutes is proud to announce our first coupons to our customers.

For our customers wishing to try a QRS Tracking Streamer, we offer the following incentive in the form of coupon code: enhancedvisibility.  Type this in at checkout  for 15% off all QRS Tracking Streamers.

We know how stressful attempting a cert flight can be.  The months of psyching yourself up, researching, building, re-researching, fretting… we want you to succeed and want you to do so with a Paramedichute BLS Main Canopy.  Therefore, use code l1certflight for 10% off your BLS Main Canopy suitable for level 1 high-power rocketry.

Going for your Level 2?  We’ve been there and while the stress is not any less than the L1 (perhaps even more, with the written test), the stakes are a bit higher because of the associated expense with larger, heavier rockets.  Therefore, L2 attempts get 15% off when using code l2certflight for BLS Main Canopies suited for level 2 high-power rocketry.

Good luck –send us pics!




8 March, 2017

I’ve leaked the site’s existence to a few trusted friends.  Let’s see what happens from here.  Will make the Grand Opening announcement over the next few days or so.




7 March, 2017: Paramedichutes.com Goes Live

The last website I put together was back in the Cretaceous Period of the Internet. There was no YouTube.  Alta Vista was still a thing.  There was no Pay Pal –Elon Musk was still associated with Zip2, and nobody REALLY needed a processor faster than 75MHz.   Geocities was king and to sell anything online, I distinctly remember writing the phrase: “…or well-concealed cash.”

Times have changed.

I may be rusty… on skills I barely had to begin with.  I’m asking you to bear with me while I develop this little corner of the internet.

Paramedichutes.com is the online home of my little parachute company.  I make streamers and parachutes for rockets.  I’m a paramedic, thus… paramedic chutes.  Paramedichutes.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got to figure out this SSL problem.