9 October, 2017

9 October, 2017

Paramedichutes is proud to add to our lineup the BLS TARC-15.  This lower-cost, lightweight parachute is a fantastic solution for teams participating in the Team

BLS TARC-15 in Even Cowgirls Get This Blue and Pearly White

America Rocketry Challenge, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help our teams achieve their goals!  The TARC-15 is a 15″ diameter, lightweight chute based on our BLS-15, with modifications made to cut down on weight and bulk, to assist in packaging and reliable deployment from small airframes.  One might notice that the satin trim is absent from the mouth of the chute.  The lines are also thinner.  The weight is cut from 0.88oz of the BLS-15 standard version to just 0.57oz for the TARC.  In order to keep costs to the teams down, the colors are variable, but each will be the alternating 8-gore pattern shared with all the BLS family.

In addition to this exciting news, Paramedichutes is extremely thrilled to share that we’ve sent out Paramedichute #100 this past week.

Chute # 0100, in Rageapple Red and Montreaux Purple, draped over our 1936 Singer 201-2, “Mule.”

#100 was a Rageapple Red and Montreaux Purple BLS TARC-15.   We think it’s a pretty sharp little chute with the white trim and lines.   Congratulations to the TARC team receiving this chute, and we wish you the very best of luck in your pursuits.  We’d love to see this chute in action during your competitions!


That’s all for now… more exciting news coming soon.  See you on the flight line!