BLS TARC-15 Lightweight Competition Canopy


Paramedichutes is proud to offer the BLS TARC-15 as a solution for teams competing in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.  The requirements for TARC teams are specific and demanding, and it is our pleasure to help teams reach their goal by offering an inexpensive, lightweight, and durable parachute.

The TARC-15 is based on our BLS-15, with modifications made with the needs of the TARC team in mind to keep weight down to a minimum –less weight on recovery means more flexibility in reaching the challenge parameters.

Our 100th parachute, a BLS TARC-15 in Rageapple Red and Montreaux Purple, draped over our 1936 Singer 201-2 “Mule.”

In order to keep cost to the TARC teams at a minimum, we will not be offering customer-selected colors for TARC chutes, but rest assured we will send aesthetically-pleasing color combinations with the unique Paramedichutes profile and performance.

Each TARC-15 parachute is 8-gores, like our BLS-15, but has a hemmed opening instead of the satin trim (the apex vent, however, does have the satin trim –it’s a Paramedichute, after all, we can’t leave our signature off of it).  Where the BLS-15 has 95# lines for use as a drogue or pilot, these are excessively heavy for TARC rockets, and thus, adding unnecessary weight.  35# lines are used instead, which is STILL robust, but far less bulky.


BLS TARC-15 Lightweight Competition Canopy

Diameter: 15″
Gore Count: 8
Cd: 1.4-1.6
15 FPS: 8oz
20 FPS: 14.4 oz
Lines: 35# Paracord
Chute Weight: 0.57oz




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