PPE-7.5 and 8.0 Diameter Airframes.


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Paramedichutes recommends the freebag method of using deployment bags.  We have found this method to be the most reliable of getting the main canopy out in an organized fashion.

Using a freebag requires a pilot chute.  We recommend using a pilot chute sized to recover the nosecone, hardware, tethers, and bag at a descent rate similar to the rocket under its main.  The nose and attached pieces will recover separate from the main rocket body.  If the nose comes down slower, that’s fine, but we do not recommend it be any faster than the main assembly, as we’ve seen –and repaired– one too many main canopies damaged by nosecone strikes.

If you need assistance in choosing a deployment bag size, or a pilot chute, do not hesitate to contact us.

Each PPE bag is made from fire-resistant Nomex, and sewn with Kevlar thread.  Fire protection of blankets and “dog barf” wadding is still recommended as there are no heat-resistant elastics accessible to the rocketry recovery market.  There are elastic keepers for the lines, and nylon webbing to tether to your pilot chute.

The PPE-808 has three rows of keepers and will accommodate chutes up to the ALS-120 in 7.5″ or 8″ airframes.
The PPE-812  has three rows of keepers and will accommodate chutes up to the ALS-180  in 7.5″ or 8″ airframes.
The PPE-816 has four rows of keepers and will accommodate very large main chutes in 7.5 or 8″ airframes.

Longer  or shorter bags for these diameters can be made as custom orders.  Contact us with your project’s particulars, and we will be thrilled to make something just for you.

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