QRS-06 Tracking Streamer


QRS-06 Tracking Streamer

The QRS-06 tracking streamer is particularly suited for primary recovery of model rockets flying on black powder motors, and as the apogee event on dual-deployment rockets in the mid-power range. We use this streamer to recover our Estes Hornet.

QRS-06 is a large streamer for model rockets, yet packs very small; one can cram this monster into an 18mm (BT20) tube with room to spare! The QRS-06 tracking streamer attaches by a triple-thick shock cord tunnel–plenty strong enough to tie through. Like the rest of our streamers, it is made from a single piece of durable, yet lightweight, ripstop nylon. All hems are double-rolled; there are no exposed edges of fabric to fray.

QRS-06 packs very small, but to ensure a nominal deployment, we recommend packing into a tube no smaller than 18mm (BT20).

QRS-06 will serve well as an apogee event for payloads recovering on a BLS-12, BLS-15, or BLS-18 main.  If using as an apogee event in a dual-deploy rocket, we recommend a shock cord of at least 20′, with the tracking streamer mounted at least 7′ from end. This will help ensure the main is deployed into clear air.



QRS-06 Tracking Streamer:

Width: 6”
Length: 72”
Cd: 0.09
Area: 3 sq. ft.
Weight: 0.4oz (12.25 grams)
Primary Recovery: 2oz MAX
Drogue Recovery: 9oz @ 50 FPS. 28 oz @ 80FPS
Dual-Deploy Shock Cord Length: at least 20′

Additional information

Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 6 x 72 in
Color 1

Nothing Rhymes With Orange, Tweensquee Pink, Uberbanana Yellow

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