QRS-12 Tracking Streamer


QRS-12 Tracking Streamer

This tracking streamer is suited for primary recovery of small mid-power rockets flying on composite motors. We use this to recover our heavily re-worked Pem-Tech Screamin’ Green Meanie –emphasis on heavy (I flat-out wore out the original paper rings, and upgraded to ply; I now fly this on 24m F motors). In dual-deploy duty, it can serve as an apogee event on rockets weighing up to 8 lbs—quite versatile! We use this as the apogee event on some of our I and J powered rockets.

The QRS-12 tracking streamer was designed for high power. It features both the triple-thick shock cord tunnel as well as brass grommets for use with quick-clips or ties. We’ve flown it to recover models flying in the K range of L2 motors. Like the rest of our tracking streamers, it is made from a single piece of durable, yet lightweight, ripstop nylon. All hems are double-rolled; there are no exposed edges of fabric to fray.

You will find the QRS-12 tracking streamer packs very small, but to ensure a nominal deployment, we recommend packing into a tube no smaller than 29mm without a pilot.

QRS-12 can be used as an apogee event on a wide range of rocketry.. from mid-power dual-deploy flights recovering on a BLS-24 main all the way up to L2 power coming in on a BLS-60, and everything in between!  If using as an apogee event in a dual-deploy rocket (secondary recovery), we recommend a shock cord of at least 40′, with the streamer mounted at least 15′ from end. This will help ensure the main is deployed into clear air.

Some color options may delay shipping.



QRS-12 Tracking Streamer

Width: 12”
Length: 144”
Cd: 0.09
Area: 12 sq. ft.
Weight: ~1.75oz (48 grams)
Primary recovery Weight: up to 12oz
Drogue Recovery Weight: 2lbs @ 50 FPS to 8 lbs @ 80 FPS.
Dual-Deploy Shock Cord Length: at least 40′

Additional information

Weight 1.75 oz
Dimensions 12 x 144 in
Color 1

Nothing Rhymes With Orange, Tweensquee Pink, Uberbanana Yellow


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