QRS-36 Tracking Streamer


QRS-36 Tracking Streamer

The QRS-36 Tracking streamer is, seriously, a big deal—absolutely unbelievable to behold! Your level 1-3 rocket will be easy to track once all twelve yards of this are deployed. You might lose sight of your rocket on its way up, but seeing this thing coming down from apogee is not a challenge at all! We use it to recover our beloved King Kraken in primary mode. That’s right: a swoopy, unsupported tube-finned King Kraken, recovering on a streamer (we do use a pilot chute to drag it out, because it is a tight fit in that 3” airframe), and our level 3 scratch-built rockets, such as our 7.5”, 98mm-chambered, 10.5′ tall Hellraiser.
QRS-36 is a monster. Over a hundred square feet of area to bring your project back in one piece. When we designed this, we knew it would be big, but when we first made one, I was pretty sure it was bigger than my first apartment. Easy to track, even at the highest altitudes. It can be seen from MILES away. There’s nothing else like it on the market. It features the triple-thick shock cord tunnel and brass grommets for ties or quick-clips, as suitable for high power streamer flight. Like the rest of our streamers, it is made from a single piece of durable, yet lightweight, ripstop Nylon. All hems are double-rolled; there are no exposed edges of fabric to fray.

QRS-36 packs surprisingly small for its unfurled size, but to ensure a nominal deployment, we recommend packing into a tube no smaller than 98mm without a pilot.

If using the QRS-36 as an apogee event, you’re going to be recovering a large rocket, coming in on either the ALS-84, or ALS-96 Advanced High-Power Main Canopy. If using as an apogee event in a dual-deploy rocket (secondary recovery), we recommend a shock cord of at least 125′, with the streamer attached 40′ from end. This will help ensure the main is deployed into clear air.

Please realize this streamer requires an absolutely ridiculous amount of material. Shipping will be delayed.



QRS-36 Tracking Streamer

Width: 36”
Length: 432”
Cd: 0.09
Area: 108 sq. ft.
Weight: 14oz (395 grams)
Primary recovery Weight: up to 5lb
Drogue Recovery Weight: 40lbs @ 50 FPS to 110 lbs @ 80 FPS.
Dual-Deploy Shock Cord Length: at least 125′

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 36 x 432 in
Color 1

Nothing Rhymes With Orange, Tweensquee Pink, Uberbanana Yellow


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