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Recovering a rocket by means of a streamer is as old as the modern hobby.  Many of the kits geared toward beginning rocketeers continue to utilize this recovery method.  The streamer is deployed and creates drag as it descends, slowing the rocket to a reasonable crashing landing speed.

Somewhere along the way, we discovered parachutes, and many of us never once looked back.

Telemetrum graph of L3 cert flight, “Hellraiser,” highlighting its streamer descent from apogee. Flying on QRS-24 Tracking Streamer prototype.

At Paramedichutes we believe the not looking back was, perhaps, an oversight if not, indeed, an error.  Streamers for larger rockets are phenomenally fun.  Trust us –land a high-power rocket launching on a H or I motor safely on a streamer, and the flight line takes notice.

Where streamers truly excel, however, are in the combination

Tweensquee Pink

tracking and recovery mode.  Often, fliers reaching further into the sky fret about how to visually track their altitude-seeking projects down from apogee.  You take a little tube, throw it REALLY HIGH, and it’s difficult (if not impossible) to see.  They often want to descend rapidly until main deployment so that the rocket isn’t lost, but not knowing

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

where to look for main deployment can be frustrating, and lead to lost projects.


Enter the QRS Tracking Streamers.  Pop one of THESE at apogee, and you’ll have a high-visibility tracking device on your rocket as it descends.  With intense colors such as Tweensquee Pink, Uberbanana Yellow, or Nothing Rhymes With Orange, you’ll have an object significantly wider and longer than your lateral-spinning airframe to track, AND  you can regulate the speed at which you

Uberbanana Yellow

descend to prevent damage to your project on main deployment.

Our Tracking Streamers are designed with several key features for the high-power flier.  We use high-quality, high-visibility, lightweight ripstop nylon.  Our hems are double-rolled so there are no exposed edges of fabric to fray.   We use the same heavy-duty thread to sew them as we do our BLS canopies.

QRS-18 Grommet
QRS-18 Hem

To ensure your Tracking Streamer stays put, we have incorporated a shock cord tunnel into the design, so that the flier can pass the shock cord through the bottom of the streamer, and then secure each end to the shock cord further by means of the brass grommets (except QRS-06).

QRS-18 Grommet
QRS-18 Shock Cord Tunnel

Despite the unfurled size, the material we use is very lightweight, so it can be packed up quite small.  Consider the streamer below.  It measures 18″ wide and 18′ (216″) long.  without trying too hard, this can be placed in an airframe as small as 54mm and deploy reliably (even smaller if you wish to use a pilot chute to drag the streamer out).  Now think, for a second… which is going to be easier to see?  The 54mm airframe descending from 10,000 feet on a 12″ drogue parachute, or the same airframe coming down from the same altitude with nearly thirty square feet of high-visibility streamer fluttering in the air?

QRS-18 Loose Roll

So-called “tracking powder” makes a mess of your project, and if it works, it highlights only the apogee event.  Sonic beacons (“screamers”) run out of batteries, and only work for a limited range.  Modern radio beacons and GPS trackers have come a long way, but even these can fail at the worst possible time (and knowing where to point the antenna definitely helps!).

Solid, reliable visual tracking is the best insurance to keep an eye on your project and get it back.  The QRS tracking streamer lets you track the ENTIRE descent visually –keeping your eyes (and

L3 project, “Hellraiser.”  It came down from apogee on a QRS-24 prototype.

binoculars, or yagi antenna) pointed in the right direction.

Paramedichutes QRS Tracking Streamers are the largest, best-built, tracking streamers on the market (fine; they’re the only ones… the statement still stands).

You spent so long planning and building your project and it deserves the best chance it has at being recovered.  There is no product better at enhancing your visibility on descent than a QRS Tracking Streamer.



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